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Type:  H200G High-Sensitive; Low Cost; Mid-power Magnet Relay


                 0.09W Low Cost; High Sensitive More than 4 Times the General type.

                 Switch Power 3A/220VAC;director seal at Printed Circuitry Board


Contact Ratings:

Outline*W*H) 201624mm
Contact Form 1A (SPST)
Contact Duty Cycle 5A/25VAC,30VDC
Contact Resistance 50m
Contact Current 7.5A
Mechanical Life 10,000,000 Times
Electrical Life 100,000 Times
Shock 10g
Vibration 1055Hz
Ambient Temperature -4070
Humidity 85%  40

   Coil Ratings:

Coil Power 0.09W
Coil Rated Voltage 12VDC
Operated Voltage  (Max) 75% Rated Voltage
Release Voltage   (Min) 10% Rated Voltage
Operated Voltage 10ms
Release Time 5ms
Coil Voltage   (Max) 110% Rated Voltage
Insulation Resistance 100m
Dielectric Strength Between Contacts 750VAC
Between Coil and Contacts 1500VAC
Weigh 15g

  Layout (Bottom View):


                  To be use in Low Cost Auto mechanism. Communication Device, Household Appliances, Capacity Game 

                   and so on.

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