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Relay-H200 Relay               A Helpful Supplier to Make Your Products More Competitive

 H200  Series Surge-proof Current  Relay



  This product is made from imported high-quality material and special alloy contacts. Since 1992, we have adopted German Enterprise Standards and supplied more than 1,000,000pcs relay to one of our German customers who never return relays to our factory during these 11 years.H200 series relays were approved by UL.

Outline:2016.524mm  L W H

Feature: Surge-proof Current 80A/200VAC

Application: Sensor lamp, office and home appliances.


 Coil consumption

    0.36w;0.45W/3---48VDC optional

 Rated load

   5A/240VAC 80A/200VAC

 Rated switch current    

 Switch voltage

   6A / 3A (24VDC / 240VAC)

   10A / 5A (24VDC / 240VAC)/12A (240VAC SPST) MAX

 Dielectric     Strength 

 Between coil & contact 


Between contact    750VAC
 Contact Form    SPDT / SPST (surge-proof)

 Electrical Life 

Electrical (sure-proof current 80A/220VAC) 

   25000 cycles/switch 4 cycles each minute

  5000 cycles/switch 1 cycle each minute 

 Mechanical Life     10,000,000
 Temperature range     -40  + 70 

 Operate / Release time     10 / 4ms   
 Insulation Resistance 500VDC 100M ohm
 Contact Resistance 100 m ohm
 Shock     100 / ss(10gs)
 Vibration     10 - 55 HZ at double amplitude of 1.5mm 
 Withstand solder specifications     230 / 10s or 350 / 3s
 Operate voltage Initial Value:rated voltage 75%    Max. rated voltage 90%
  Release voltage Initial Value: rated voltage 10%    Max. rated voltage 8%  
 Coil overvoltage      rated voltage 110%
 Normal coil specifications VDC=  ohm=V V / W 10%(24V+150%)23%
 Weight and Volume      15g/pc,1500pcs,22.5kg/cartonVolume:4134.527cm

 Layout (Bottom View):


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